Our Mission And Vision

At Genesis Digital, our goal is simple:  To evolve your business with a suite of SaaS eCommerce solutions to an ever growing market of innovators.

With complete webinar authoring and hosting tools like WebinarJam and advanced automated solutions like EverWebinar the process of creating and sharing your live content is simple and direct.

And with the introduction of Kartra, our industry-leading SaaS that combines Customer, Email, Video and Shopping Cart management into one suite, finally you have the platform to:

  • Publish your Pages
  • Build your Campaigns
  • Host your video
  • Manage your shopping cart
  • Administrate your affiliates
  • Coordinate your Customers
  • Much, Much more!

Total Solutions

Whether it’s live broadcasting, automatic recorded streaming, funnel hosting, or a comprehensive eCommerce solution, Genesis Digital has products for every type and level of business.


Not just the best, easiest products on the market, but at prices that make sense for your business — guaranteed not to give you heartburn!


Our products seamlessly integrate with other popular eCommerce applications. This makes a la carte and wholesale migration to our applications a snap, like a true ecosystem.

Expertly Designed

Featuring intuitive designs, lush feature sets, and seamless integrations with third-party apps.

User Friendly

Other applications are hard.  Clunky.  Ours are designed by eBusinessfolk for eBusinessfolk.

Completely Customizable

You control every aspect, down to the last automation, the tiniest bit of content.  But we make it easy for the novice, too, with concierge plans and starter templates.

Kartra is here!

Don’t live with a Frankenstein’s monster of stitched-together solutions.  Kartra is the first all-in-one, cradle-to-grave eCommerce solution.  Combining pages, e-mail campaigns, video hosting, CRM, affiliate management, and much much more, Kartra is the solution every business owner has been waiting for!


Perfect Webinar solutions

Don’t pay ridiculous monthly fees for your Webinar solution.  Don’t settle for jerky frame rates or incomplete solutions.  Don’t limit your attendance or make them download a client.

WebinarJam Studio and EverWebinar are the perfect one-two punch solution.  Go live on a moment’s notice!  Or schedule recurring events that will boost your product every hour on the hours.  Integrates seamlessly with your e-mail marketing and video offers.  Sell your goods; sell yourself.