About Genndi

Since 2013 with the launch of WebinarJam, this motley crew of geniuses has been brainstorming and developing innovative, cost effective, and adaptive ways for the world to leverage online business. Now boasting a customer base of more than 30,000, Genesis Digital has powered forward, pioneering once again platforms not only to take on the World of Webinars with cyclone force, but have in the works a core system to bridge the gap between eCommerce and Customer Response Management. Genesis Digital is the catalyst to smarter business, a think tank that ceaselessly works to bring their proven strategies for success to your web based community.

Andy Jenkins

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Film producer (Haxan Films, producer of “The Blair Witch Project”) and SaaS guru (“Stompernet; Video Genesis”) Andy Jenkins is co-founder and CEO of Genesis Digital. Combining marketing savvy with bold vision, he has propelled Genesis Digital to a strong marketplace position.

Gideon Marcus

Chief Operating Officer
Corporate intrepreneur with 20 years of financial/operations experience, COO Gideon Marcus has kept a firm hand on the Genesis Digital tiller, transforming the company from a promising tech start-up into an industry powerhouse.

Donna Fox

Marketer extraordinaire with strong experience in the creation & maintenance of systems to build & maintain market presence (Imnica Mail). Our Director of Marketing paints pictures with words as well as oils & watercolors and may or may not wear a Wonder Woman costume underneath her day to day ensemble. We’d ask, but we’re afraid that she might put her law degree to use.

Jeni Jenkins

News Anchor turned Editor turned Registered Nurse, Jeni has now come full circle and returned to her passion, writing, full time. As the Editor-in-Chief, she brings a unique voice to the marketing arena with her broad experience from years in the Customer Success department, melding her firsthand knowledge of our community needs with the powerful tools that Genesis Digital offers.

Kyle Reinholm

With more than a decade building brands and B2B relationships, Director of Business Development Kyle Reinholm brings a “win-win” approach to dealings with partners, affiliates, and enterprise customers.


MJ is a self-taught entrepreneur who has been working with and teaching WordPress since its infancy. This lead to her current position as Director of Education and Documentation at Genesis Digital, where she has moved up through the ranks of customer success to her current super-hero status.

Nathan Daum

Nathan has been running his own companies, or major aspects of other startup companies, for the last 22 years. He has held the position of CEO, President, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, and Director of Search Marketing for some really great small to medium-sized internet based companies.


Mgr. Customer Experience