But no matter how great the content of your webinar is, it doesn’t mean much if your webinar doesn’t load or attendees can’t hear you. That’s why we created the following step-by-step instruction on how to start your WebinarJam webinar session.

Although it looks like a lot, after you do it a few times, all the steps take less than a minute to go through.  You can also check our most current instructions at the WebinarJam Knowledgebase How to Start Your Webinar

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See our full PreWebinar Checklist

NOTE: If you need help setting up your webinar, check our “Start Here – WebinarJam Training Resources” This page has our Getting Started Guide  and links to PreWebinar Checklists.

Starting your WebinarJam

First login to your WebinarJam account, go to My Webinars, locate your webinar, and click “Presenters” under “Access Links.”

This will open up a list of available links.  As the host you want the “Live Room” link (Marked #1 Below).  You need to log in via that link before you use any of the other links on this popup.


Get things started 15 -30 minutes before your webinar to allow yourself time to test your camera/microphone and settings. It will give your co-presenters and moderators time to join, test, and get settled, as well.

By clicking the Live Room link and “Entering the room” you will have enough time to test your camera/microphone and settings. It will give your copresenters and moderators time to join, test and get settled as well.


And paste it into your browser window.  While we recommend Chrome because it is part of Google, browser configurations can vary, if something doesn’t work in Chrome, it might in Firefox or Internet Explorer.


We recommend that all presenters login via a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets, (including the Surface) and phones will not work.

For presenters, we recommend Google Chrome, but Firefox and Safari are both good browsers to use as well. Be sure to your browser is current. Other browsers are not recommended and will show an error message.

You also will want to close any additional programs and tabs on your computer, so you have just WebinarJam and any programs you need for your presentation operating.


Installing WebinarJam

If you haven’t used WebinarJam before, you will be taken to a screen to install it.

This varies per browser, but you will need to download the WebinarJam App/Plugin to your browser, then follow the steps as your browser advises.

While we recommend Chrome, browser configurations can vary. If something doesn’t work in Chrome, it might in Firefox or Safari.

NOTE: You need to have current browsers. This does not work in Opera or Internet Explorer.  Also, you do NOT need to use Private or Incognito windows.



Last Minute Webinar Checklist

You’ll be taken to this screen that explains Do’s and Don’ts that will improve the webinar experience for both you and your attendees.

Use this as a checklist before each webinar to confirm you and your household are ready!

After you’ve reviewed the list, scroll down and press the “Log into the Room” Button.


Test Your Video & Audio

Now you will be taken to a few screens that allow you to test your Video and Audio.


If you wish to change the Camera or Microphone, now is the time to look in your address bar for the Camera Icon as you control which Camera or Microphone directly within your browser.

You’ll see something like the screen below, but the webcam icon may be elsewhere on the address bar if you use a different browser.


Be sure you can see your video and hear a bit of noise (which will sound like feedback, as WebinarJam is echoing to confirm there is sound).

Once you’ve clicked yes, you’ll be taken to a confirmed screen. You will repeat this for the following settings:

  • 1280 X 720 for HD / High Definition
  • 640 X 360 for SD /Standard Definition
  • 320 X 180 for LD / Low Definition


Enter the Room

NOTE: If you have a “Right Now” webinar or a webinar with a single session, then you’ll be taken directly to the “Start Event” screen in the next step.

If you are doing a webinar with multiple sessions, you will need to select your schedule and enter the room.


PreWebinar Room / “Green Room”

If you have a single event or “Right Now” webinar you’ll be taken directly to this screen. If you have multiple sessions, after you “Enter the Room” you’ll be taken to this screen.

Some people call this a “Green room” because it functions as a waiting room for the presenters.  You can invite your co-presenters and discuss the webinar with them before starting your event.

Once you see this screen, you can invite your co-presenters to use their live room links, and you can use your control panel link, or tell your moderators they can!

See Starting Your JamSession for their links

Be sure to turn on your camera and microphonG before going to the next step.


Start Event

Once you are ready to Go Live, you’ll press the green phone icon as displayed above. If you have not turned off the tips, you’ll see an arrow marking it “Go Live When You’re Ready”. Once you press the phone icon to “Go Live” you’ll get a confirmation popup that asks “Start Event?” Press Yes to Go Live.


As it can take 10 to 40 seconds for the event to fully load for your attendees, you may want to screenshare a slide with your webinar name, presenter names and your website link.

It won’t be clickable, but this screen gives your attendees something to see while you wait 60 seconds to start talking.  For a clickable link, you can add a sticky.


What you Will See

If you have multiple presenters, each of you will be given an equal amount of screen.

Below is what it looks like with 4 presenters.  Remember, you can have up to 6 presenters at a time.

Administrator Controls

There are several things you can control in the presenter screen. The controls below will appear only on mouse over.

  1. Room Owner (Marked #1 Below)
    • Whomever the webinar owner is, they will have the orange star.
  2. Maximize or Minimize (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Personal Microphone, Camera and Screenshare Controls (Marked #3 Below, also at the top center)
    • ​You’ll see Microphone and Camera under co-presenters if they have them on. The webinar Owner and Room Administrators can turn them off other co-presenters.
  4. Grant Administrator Access. (Marked #4 Below)
    • If it’s blue, then you can Revoke Administrator access
  5. Eject as Presenter (Marked #5 Below)

Below are links to sidebar controls and information on each tab

You can also read the information on the full page Control Panel.

Presenter Controls

With the links at the top center, or in the lower left of your personal display you can choose to turn your microphone or camera on or off, or what definition displays.

  • 1280 X 720 for HD / High Definition
  • 640 X 360 for SD /Standard Definition
  • 320 X 180 for LD / Low Definition

What you see when someone Screenshares

When you are screensharing, the screenshare will automatically maximize. Your video will be replaced with the screen shared. Your co-presenters will be turned into small filmstrips.

What you see when a video plays

If you are running a video, you’ll see a screen similar to below.

You’ll see a notice at the bottom of your screen during video injections. Your Webcams and Microphones will not be recorded, so you have a little bit of time to talk to co-presenters during the video injection.


What Your Attendees Will See

Your Attendees will be delayed by 30 to 45 seconds, but they will soon be coming into your webinar.

When the webinar loads for your attendees, they will see a screen similar to below.  They’ll be able to chat (unless you have chat turned off) or ask questions.

Sticky Notes

We recommend that you use Sticky Notes to help your attendees with your webinar.

Great Sticky for the start of the webinar

Welcome to OUR BRAND WEBINAR.  Our Website is http://websiteurl.com  If you have Questions, please click the bubble next to your comment to “Mark as question”. If you have video/audio issues, please refresh. There’s a button below.  Or, try another browser. There will be Q&A at the end of the broadcast.

Great Sticky for your Live Offer

For the next hour you can (offer name) at the special rate of (price). This is an incredible deal!  Go to (link here) to get it now!

Other Sticky messages

If the screen is blurry, keep in mind YouTube automatically adjusts the bandwidth for you. You may have too much going on in your home. Someone watching Netflix or HULU, or playing Xbox, or Pandora or Spotify, etc. Shut off all background bandwidth users and it should clear up for you.

If you have video/audio issues, please refresh or try another browser.

Reminder: There will be Q&A at the end of the broadcast.


Ending Your JamSession Webinar

While you can simply end the webinar, the suggestion immediately below can both get people on your website and be sure your webinar room is empty.

We Recommend:

You will either want to use a Brand page similar to the start of your webinar, or share a screen with a brief description of your offer and a link. Make certain your link is visible on your screenshare.  Allow it to display for 15 to 45 seconds.  This gives your webinar a nice official looking close.   See How To Share My Screen

Then you will use “Redirect All Attendees to the Following URL.” Click the Room Settings, and you’ll see something similar to below.


Uncheck the box that says “Open in a New Tab.” We recommend redirecting your viewers to your offer. If you don’t have an offer, redirect them to your website or Facebook Page.

Add your URL starting with http://   then click Redirect.  Some people will have settings on their computer that may prevent them from being redirected, however this should work for most.

If you do choose to end the webinar without the screenshare, be sure to smile, then press the Red Phone button.  A popup will appear asking if you want to End Event.  Click it and then hold your smile for 3 seconds while the video ends.

Congratulations on your first JamSession Webinar!


Quick Start Guide

  1. Log into the Webinar Owner “LIVE ROOM” link.
  2. Review the “Last Minute Checklist” page to help prepare yourself and your home for a webinar, then click Log into the room.
  3. Test your audio and video. Don’t approve unless it works.
  4. Follow the “Enter Room Steps” (if you have multiple sessions)
    • Confirm this is the correct webinar.
    • Select your schedule.
    • Press Enter Room.
    • If you have co-presenters or moderators using the control panel, they can load their links now.
    • Confirm all microphones and cameras are working
    • Screenshare a page with your brand and URL.
  5. At webinar time, click the green phone to start event.
  6. At Webinar End
    • Display offer or brand page
    • Redirect attendees to your offer, webpage or Facebook page.
    • Click the red phone
    • Click “Yes, End Event”



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