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At the risk of sounding like one of “those” girls that loves her boyfriend one day, cancels plans with you to be him, then hates his guts the next because he told her she was being needy and expects you to hate him too, until she loves him again, I’d like to have a quality sit down with you to talk about Google and my not uncomplicated relationship with it. Specifically, Google Hangouts. So, grab a glass of wine and let’s dish!

Today, I love it, I worship it, I owe everything I am and do to it. Google Hangouts is my BFF. TLF. Tomorrow, we’re going to get into a nasty, foaming at the mouth fight, and I’ll want you to hate it, too. But for now, let’s hug.

When WebinarJam was but a twinkle in our eyes, we knew even then that we wanted it to overlay Google Hangouts. Hangouts really and truly is the shizz, even with its quirks. Now, as hard as it’s going to be, I’m going to do my best to keep WebinarJam off the table in this discussion. I really do want to focus outside of our most awesome, lovely, life changing product that is the baddest Mamma Jammer in the world (see what I did there?) and stick to naked Hangouts. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to try anyway.

Here are six reasons that Google Hangouts is currently the love of my life:

  1. Visibility
  2. Better Quality Leads via Better Visibility
  3. Builds Trust, Authority, and Engagement
  4. Free, shareable recording
  5. Create Freemiums that are, well, Free
  6. The Power of Video. Enough said

Let’s discuss…

  1. Visibility

Although a Hangout is limited to 10 people in the live room at once, it can be viewed by a limitless number of attendees. Llllimitllllllless with a really lllllong LLLLLLL sound for effect. Additionally, because GHOA saves the session and uploads it to YouTube, it has the potential to be seen by a metric sh*t ton of people on the internet.  Plus, YouTube makes it possible to effortlessly share with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which further increases your visibility. Maximum exposure with minimum effort? Ummm, yes please!

The best part about the interface between Hangouts and YouTube is that the shares that originate there are from flesh and blood, breathing people (quality, organic traffic without the hefty price tag) and they are free! We love free! Free to be you and me! We’ve talked about the concept of Viral Videos in our trainings because it’s such an awesome way to promote the poop out of your stuff. Anything fun, useful, provocative, or even just a little loco is almost sure to get a nice, fat juicy number of shares.  This is all positive, forward motion into groups that are in the proper frame of mind to receive your message.  It allows you to take total advantage (in a good way) of the incomprehensible reach of Google without having to spend a gross amount of cash money. If you read any part of the series, I ain’t got no money, Honey , you know how huge a deal that is.

  1. Better Quality Leads via Better Visibility

Qualified LeadsWith the four letter word that used to be SEO, well, three, whatevs, once upon a time, getting any kind of lead or traffic required that you pay. Bleck. Not to say that Paid Traffic isn’t still a thing, because it is, it’s a HUGE thing, but in too many cases, they might only have been general leads with a truly disappointing number lacking quality.

This is where Google Hangouts is a really awesome boyfriend.  To start, registrants to a Hangout are already interested in the topic meant to be discussed on air. These sessions are searchable and public unless you delete them, or mark them as Unlisted. This alone makes them Qua-Li-Ty.

To add some glitter, these are leads that the Host of the Hangout can actually engage in real time conversation with, further improving chances of converting the lead into a paying customer later. Even better, if you are using an overlay app, like WebinarJam, that allows you to monetize your Hangouts, you could have a paying customer on the spot, immediately, in real time with your pitch.

  1. Build Trust, Authority, and Engagement

While the inner webs are amazing in the sense that you can talk to anyone and everyone all over the world… Can you take just a second to appreciate what that means? You can market your goodies to the entire planet. That is crazy amazing. Anyhoo… while it gives you this astronomical reach, the anonymity that is synonymous with it is a scary, scary thing. Anyone who has tried internet dating KNOWS this. So, any lead with half a brain knows not to trust you right away when they are learning about your brand from the tangled web that is the #trustnoone world we live in. Don’t expect people to buy from you if they don’t know who you are, how reliable your product or service is, or where you come from.  The most effective way to get over the issue of trust is by engaging with them. Oh, and case studies are good for this, too 🙂

Hangouts allows you to show who you are in all your glory, as is, no frills, no BS.  Part of the draw of live sessions is that you can truly, fully engage. No talking AT people. Instead, talking TO and WITH them. Allowing for live Q&A after you give your presentation or sales pitch is another two thumbs up strategy. Answering questions, whatever they are, about your business and subject matter show both authority and transparency. These are INVALUABLE concepts in today’s web based marketplace. Priceless, really.

  1. Free, shareable recording

If you’re just starting out or, for any reason, have minimal funds for creating your video trainings or sales presentations, guess what! Hangouts is for freeeeeeee! Weeeweeeeweeeeeee! When you run a Hangout, it creates a freebie jeebie recording of the session and posts it to Youtube. I know I mentioned this before, but I think it affords a revisit… From there, you can edit it, download it, post it elsewhere, such as a membership site or Vlog, whatever you want. Hot damn!

You WILL need a webcam. Now, I am about as Fru-Gal as they come, but even I relented and got a webcam. You’re also going to have to. If you have one built into your computer or laptop, that totally works.

  1. Create Freemiums that are, well, Free

Spinning off the above topic, free recordings, you can use Hangouts to create all your bonus material! Woop! Any lengthy recording can be edited, cut down, and repurposed for small snippets of great content. This includes your video sales letters, teasers in your newsletter or email campaign, in giveaways, as part of your Indoctrination process, or as bonuses for staying to the end of your webinar. The sky is the literal limit for ways you can upcycle existing recordings.

  1. The Power of Video. Enough said

VideoWe’ve been pounding this drum for a looooooong time. Video is the end all be all. Video is the bee’s knees. Nothing converts higher than video, builds more robust lists than video, makes for better business than video. Here are your buzz words for this. I’ll make a video awesomeness train:

Chuga chuga> Chuga chuga> Videos> captivate attention> sustain the audience> result in greater brand retention> lead to better conversion> higher sales> more effective marketing> Chooo Choooo!

I know. It’s juvenile. I have two children under the age of five. It can’t be helped.

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