(Too Long, Didn’t Watch)

Here’s a summary of what was discussed in the announcement video:

The New WebinarJam is on its way. The first new technology deployment is close.
Real Close.

We’re rolling out the new features step-by-step.

We’ll start with “The JamSession Engine”. This Technology replaces Google Hangouts.

I’ll say again:
We are replacing the Google Hangout Meeting Room with our own tech.

The JamSession Engine will be WebinarJam’s NEW Virtual Meeting Room. This is where the presenters will gather, and where you’ll perform your Webinar Presentation.

During the Beta Phase, when you configure a Webinar, you can choose the JamSession Engine as an optional meeting place. Once Beta is complete, we will phase out Hangouts Completely.

There is no upgrade cost to current customers to use The JamSession Engine, either now, or when Beta is complete.

After the JamSession Engine is released, we’ll begin to roll out tons of new features. Here’s a list of what we talked about briefly in the video:

  • The New Page Builder
  • Password Protected Webinars
  • Cloud-Based Slide Show Presentations
  • Express Jam
  • Smart Preferences
  • Webinar Email Automations
  • In-Webinar File Sharing
  • More 3rd Party Integrations
  • Inline Help
  • Broadcast room layout control
  • And much more

We hope to start rolling out The Jam Session Engine in about 2 weeks. Obviously, this is an estimate, but we’re working hard to make it a reality.

The next videos will give more details, and start to answer your questions. Please leave your questions and comments for us to use when making the next one.

Check out all the amazing features on WebinarJam and start jamming today!

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  1. Yeeesss, at last freedom from Google’s treacherous reign! It was fun while it lasted (no, no it was not!) But now we’re out-growing Hangouts!

    Firesharing? YES!! Password protection? Such a requested feature! Reliability? Bueno bueno! I seriously can’t wait for this and the fact that it’s FREE? Amazing. Thank you Andy, this will surely please the people and solve just so many problems for everyone. People want that beautiful sweet ease of use. Three clicks? Dang, just perfect.

  2. It’s quite a statement that WebinarJam has outgrown Google and YouTube. Those are some big companies to outpace!
    Clearly, no big company understands the needs of the Webinar Marketer like WebinarJam does. All of these new features will directly relate to greater engagement with customers and a fatter bottom line. I can’t wait to try it out! And thanks so much for including the price in current WebinarJam membership. I’m sure everyone appreciates getting the free upgrade!

  3. I have clients who are on EverWebinar but didn’t want to get on WebinarJam because of Google Hangouts, Do you recommend that they buy WebinarJam now so they can get a quicker upgrade or do you suggest waiting on the grand opening launch of the product? Also, I know you guys do awesome launch specials with great value, do you recommend waiting for a launch? If so, do you have an idea of when that might be? I am trying to sway a couple clients to say away from other providers and go with your software instead of your competitor, so I just want to have an answer for them. Thanks!

    • Hey Matt! I can tell you this… As you know, we always do great specials as part of our launches. But, I can also tell you that WebinarJam works now and is great, even as an overlay to Hangouts. So, as a way to answer without answering :), your clients will need to take action as their comfort level dictates. We’re doing a true beta in two weeks…. Plus, we’ll be adding more updated information here as it becomes available.

  4. So if I already bought a “Life Time” Version of EVERWEBINAR how much will it cost me to purchase the new WebinarJam Non-HangOuts Version from you guys, Please? 🙂

    • Right now, everyone who owns WebinarJam is being brought over to the new engine free of charge. If you only own EverWebinar, not to worry. We pride ourselves on always making it easy for anyone to purchase WebinarJam. I don;t know the exact number yet, but it will not be cost prohibitive.

  5. Very exciting. I’ve enjoyed WJS over the last couple of years, and I’m thankful for the quality of support you provide. I didn’t know about you prior to my purchase of WJS, but I have learned what a great team you have. Let’s have a pizza party in SD county to celebrate 🙂

    Coming to you from San Marcos

  6. Awesome Andy! The only q I’m left with is audience size limits.
    Once a year I broadcast a Parenting Summit. Last time I had up to 20k people on some days. That is the ONE big advantage of google hangouts. Will there be an audience limit in the new version?

    • Hi Luis! Now and with the new engine, we always ask that you let us know when you plan on having more than 5000 attendees. We call this Enterprise level. This way we can make sure our servers are prepared to adequately handle the load. We’ve got your back!

  7. Will the new JamSession still allow us to automatically add the webinar on Youtube (as unlisted)? Or will we have the option to download it and use it as we want?

    • Hi Calvin!
      We’ll get you all the details on webinar privacy and downloading as we roll out more information. I promise, we’ll get all your questions answered and then some. Stay tuned! We’ll be posting further updates here regularly.

    • Hi Jackson, EverWebinar is remaining in it’s current iteration until it’s time to make some great updates. You’ll be able to import your previous live sessions into EverWebinar with the new engine, just like you were before, so no worries there.

  8. Thank you so much Andy, this is excellent news.

    My two questions are:

    1. Will the lag/time delay disappear ( a massive reason why I never got into using this platform) and
    2. Can we play clips from YouTube videos or other videos seamlessly whilst on air and sharing our screens?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Very great questions! I promise we’re going to answer every single one of them in greater detail as we get closer to beta. I CAN tell you this…. You’re going to be super happy with the new state of things.

    • Your EverWebinars will not be negatively impacted in any way, no worries. We’ll be getting beta testers on board as quickly as we can and will announce the best way to do that as soon as possible.

  9. Good news!
    Question 1 – Will all these new feature also be included in EverWebinar, or is this only a WebinarJam thing?
    Question 2 – Will this new system be real time or nearly real time (like, with a couple seconds)?

    • Hi Nick! Because you provide your own webinar source video in EverWebinar, you don’t need the new room. However, you will still be able to import your WJS webinars into EW and any new features that exist in the WebinarJam UI will also be afforded to EverWebinar, such as the registration page builder (when it’s released). And, we are moving toward as real time as possible. I can;t say for sure when that will be, but a few seconds is the ultimate goal and it will happen.

  10. I love it and can’t wait. I have around 200 hangouts under my belt, and I have to say that the reliability of the Google tech has been on the decline. So excited to hear that you guys are taking this to the next level – I would love to give it a test ride! 🙂 Will the new tech get rid of the dreaded delay issue with hangouts? That’s probably the part that has been the most annoying for most people. Cheers from Denmark!

    • Hi Lisa! We’ll get you onboard as soon as possible so you can give it a whirl. And, we’re getting that delay dooooooown to just a few seconds. That part will take a bit, but it’s one of our priority goals, for sure.

  11. Wow! Love the update and I’m so glad I waiting and didn’t get seduced by other platforms… mainly because I had faith that WJS would suddenly come out ahead and beat the rest! 🙂

    My question for you is: How many presenters will we be able to have in a webinar?

    And again, thanks for your awesome value and kudos on all your Jenkinites for their hard work. 😀


    Jaime Ojeda

  12. Sounds great. Will Amazon MP4 videos work seamlessly with different browsers and not need constant Flash updates?
    With the new features on the rego page is there a tick option to add their phone number? Is the moderators chat box larger so you can review the message before posting it? Will there be time stamps on everwebinar chat?

    • All great questions Andrew! I’m adding each one to a document so that we can be sure we cover each customer question with a helpful answer. Stay tuned!

  13. I am a new user (bought WebinarJam in July) and to be honest, did not use it yet for various reasons (none of them thave to do with the quality of WebinarJam, don’t worry :-))
    But I will start using it soon, I’m very excited! With the new version, do you still need a Gmail account?

    By the way, I watched all the instruction videos. Andy is a great guy, his enthusiasm is contagious (in a very positive way). Thanks guys!!

    • Great question! I don’t honestly know…. reason would say no more hangouts, no more gmail required, but before I stick my foot in my mouth, let’s wait to hear from the Bosses on exactly what type of requirements are necessary.

  14. My question will be on mobile and browser accessibility. Will attendees have the same experience across all major browsers and will they be able to participate from iOS and Android or will an app be required.

    • Thank you for the questions, Jon! We’ll be talking in detail about browser and mobile device capabilities as we have more information. Never fear! We’ll be sure to get you all the details you need.

  15. Love it
    Just wanted to let you know that I love the direction you’re headed with the new engine and can’t wait to get my hands on it. We not only run weekly webinars, but we also run weekly FB live broadcasts to our group of over 35k and have been looking for an easier way to do that (beyond our current system) and it sounds like you guys are going to be making both of those things EVEN BETTER. So Props!

    I’m sure you’re getting bombarded with beta access requests, but I figured I’d throw my account in the ring if you need anyone to step up and be a tester.

    If you need anyone, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If not, I can’t wait to see what you guys roll out.

  16. Please offer us WJ people a lifetime price for the new WJ. I have been “dating” you monthly for a year and am now deeply in love. I am ready to take our relationship to the next level. xxoo

  17. Excellent. Brendon Burchard was right about you guys – you’re awesome. I joined as a “Lifetime Member” on his advice. I had a mentor tell me years back “The problem with advice is you never know whether it’s good or bad until after you’ve taken it.” Well, now I can say that Brendon gave me good advice. Thanks for resolving the problems and taking Webinarjam to a whole new level.

    • Hi Robert! It won’t have an impact on EverWebinar just yet. We have some great updates in the works, but this latest update will strictly be to move away from hangouts.

  18. Hey Andy love your new look. This is exciting news.

    I bought in when you very first came out with WebinarJam. I was wondering if there’s anyway I could be a beta tester. I’m getting ready to launch a new training program.

    I ask if I could work with the new program because I have an embarrassing confession to make. Yikes! Especially having to post it in a public forum…. I’ve never been able to do a webinar with your program even though I’ve purchased both releases. There was something about Google and me and after setting up a beautiful webinar and then not being allowed by the program to come in as the presenter, all of my fears and insecurities about technology overwhelmed me. Your helpdesk was wonderful but I still couldn’t make it work. I was ashamed to call back because I felt so stupid.

    It’s literally one of the top things on my list to sit down and face the technology beast this week so your video announcement gave me a sigh of relief.
    You may have your head in your hand wondering what is with this woman but I really am sincere about creating training programs to pass on my knowledge (I’m a filmmaker too.) I might not be your perfect beta tester but I’d appreciate it if you would consider me. I’m a good non-technology person for the team.
    Thanks Andy, you’re the best.
    Susan :0)

  19. Awesome! Thank you…while this is rolling out can we still use Webinar Jam?
    Also, WebinarJam wasn’t that great for use from mobile devices – is that feature going to improve?
    I signed on with WebinarJam in the first wave, and I have been using it consistently since then.
    Very happy with this new direction.

  20. Hi, Thanks for the update.
    Will there be a camera switching feature built into the system?
    Although a bit crude I do multiple camera angles when training and use the google camera input to switch between various close ups. It would be a nice feature for the presenter to be able to switch between multiple sources without having to use an external switcher or operator.
    Thanks again guys for the work you’ve done with WJ over the years. Don’t think I could’ve built what I’ve done for my business without WJ so thanks again!

  21. Awesome! I bought when you first launched and have been a loyal user since. Hoping resolution will be better than HOA. Excited to see what’s coming and I’m happy to volunteer to beta test or even alpha test.

    Would like to interview Andy for our news site if possible. Thanks!

  22. I’m very new to WJ, had my first presentation last night! Will the new WJ allow for a live video of me teaching in the corner of my PowerPoint presentation? That would be a great feature!

  23. Fantastic news. I am currently moving a lot of my business to Facebook Pages using 22Social, and understand there has been no WJ integration there so far. Was already looking at testing FB Livestream “natively” in there given the increasing Hangout issues recently. I am hosting some larger Summits in Q1 2017 and so am looking at the best user experience.

    My ears pricked up when Andy mentioned “broadcasting to Facebook” so am hoping we’ll have that, and in an even more ideal world, that WJ will integrate with 22Social as part of “More 3rd Party Integrations”?


  24. This is great news! I always thought it was too complicated trying to my webinars set up using google hangouts and not having my webinars just out there on youtube. Im glad to see these changes.

    As a lifetime member of webinarjam and everwebinar, i assume we are grandfathered in on both platforms for no additional cost?

  25. Andy this is awesome! I stopped using WJS and went to EW completely simply because I couldn’t handle the current google hangout situation. I love this new approach!!! You guys rock!

  26. Sounds great! I’m a brand new customer so the recent issue with Google definitely threw me for a loop. This announcement makes me want to keep working with you. Thank you! One thing I’m hoping the new platform will offer is side by side webcam and slideshow viewing. Will the recorded videos still be on YouTube or will they be hosted on your platform? I’m hoping it’s the latter. Looking forward to the NEW WebinarJam experience!

  27. Great news about GHO… I can’t wait to start using using Webinar Jam under this format. You guys just keep giving… wow

  28. THANK YOU!! So Happy … Pick Me For Beta Testing! I never did get Google Hangouts working for me very well … I want to start my new December webinars with Jam Session … I’m need to record some EverWebinar webinars in December as well.

    Will your new servers allow me to get away from Wistia for hosting my password protected videos for my members? I’d love to get away from my monthly hosting bill for them for static videos just to sit there.

    Thanks! Knew WebinarJam / EverWebinar was a great investment when I got it!

  29. Very excited for the news. I heard some scary stuff from others this past week about weird GHO filming them before they even broadcast. Yikes! Anyway, upward and onward.

  30. Exciting stuff. What happens with attendee interaction and co-hosts. Is it simple for anybody on the webinar with a mic and headset to join the conversation? I plan to be holding regular live group coaching sessions in starting next month…

  31. Looking forward to the new platform. Will rolling in video clips work faster than it was waiting for YouTube? Will we be able to make it look more like our roll ins are live? Will our roll ins be hosted on your cloud?

  32. You guys are in my top 5 business partners, seriously great customer service and a fantastic platform that I intend to use to propel my business to the next level over the coming years.

    Question: Any chance you going to be making lifetime offers available? I’d be willing to sell a kidney to have you in my team for life, I’m sure many others would as well.

  33. Hi there! We are really new to Webinar Jam but ready to roll all the way from Asia! (Really super happy to hear that we are finally going to be free from GHO! Just two quick questions if we may:
    1. Does Webinar Jam allow for the date/time stamping to be customised to our part of the world?
    2. If our audience are sales people who want to invite their prospects and customers to webinars we organise on their behalf but we want to be sure that interested prospects & clients can be ‘tagged’ back to which salesperson invited them (so that we can pass that lead back to them), is that possible on Webinar Jam? Would appreciate your replies! Thanks for the great work!

    • Hi Bernard!
      Great questions!
      1. YES!
      2. Referral tracking is not available at this point, at least not within the platform itself. If you use an affiliate tracking system with that uses cookies, it “should” work.

  34. You Guys, that’s awesome!

    I’ve been using Webinar Jam and Everwebinar myself for about a year and a half.

    On top of that I’ve consulted for clients that want to use it in their business, largely due to the fact that I have an fairly popular podcast about online business (in swedish) which brings in business like this, as well as the only complete webinar jam online course in Swedish.

    Needless to say, I’m very interested in becoming a beta user, so that I can stay in the front on the Swedish market with a brand new webinar course featuring your software as well as being able to relay questions and answers to customers that aren’t too comfortable with the English language, but do want to use webinars…

    …. this was very well timed btw.

    Thanks for considering my beta application.


  35. Hi Andy,

    I have to confess that my team and I stop using webinarjam because challenges with google hangouts, I have been using Zoom but I had the feeling that you guys will be coming with some new and amazing tool, and it seems that my hunch was real, I can’t wait!!

  36. Hi Andy. Loved the 1-take (bet it wasn’t!) home-style video! This is great news having been in WJ from the very start but put off by performance and complexity at the start. I’m just about to kick off a major new launch so your timing is great. Big question for me, will it be possible to record?

    Many thx. Say hi to woodie over there on the chair too !!!

    • Hi Jon! I’m not able to answer all the questions coming in just yet, but I can answer yours! That is a big, fat YES!!!!!

  37. I have WJS nearly and didn’use yet as all the extras …hangouts etc put me off.
    So really excited to try this before the yrs is out. Thank you for all your great creations. Scared but keen to start. Fabulous.

  38. All sounds good. In 50 Webinars with WJS I’m still always wary and prepared for what can and often does go wrong. To be fair google has been pretty stable, but presenters IT is always a concern as they are from all over the world. It will be comforting to remove many if the variables so we can focus on delivering a great Webinar.

  39. This is really great news. I had more or less given up on the many Google Hangout updates and started looking for alternatives, without finding what I was looking for, so this is great news. Thanks 😉

  40. Thanks for making this video Andy. The one and most important thing I see is how much you care about your customers. Google hangouts is a wonderful platform to reach such a wide audience and so it was completely understandable that you buiilt webinar jam around this. I teach people to trade the financial markets live but the speed of transmission is slow on hangouts So if my customers needed to make a trade they could be 20 seconds behind me transmitting the information. So this is all very timely for me using the new engine which I look forward to trying in beta. It’s a shame that Google are not able to work with you to improve the technology and capabilities of hangouts but respect to you for making the decision to forge ahead knowing ‘there is always another way’. You and Mike are great guys, as are your support team so I have complete faith that this will work out. By you giving us such great tools and customer service we can do the same for our customers. Webinars are just amazing way to grow any business and reach people all over the world in a very affordable way. You have systemised everything into such a wonderful process. I am still learning and want to be the best I can be at delivering fianancai education through webinars so it’s just ace knowing that I will have a seamless and professional back end and automated system with Webinar Jam. Thanks again guys and look forward test driving the new machine in a few weeks time. Adam Collingwood

  41. Hey Andy, congratulations and it all sounds awesome.

    I was an ‘early adopter’ purchasing WJS but after many attempts to run webinars where Google Hangouts ‘throttled back’ the quality no matter what I did out of frustration I went over to the ‘dark side’ earlier this year and bought into another platform that runs on Amazon. The difference is light years.

    But as a long time follower and customer of many of your programs I’m really excited about the thought of ‘coming home’ so look forward to more updates – and of course access 🙂

    And it’s perfect timing as I’m about to launch two new services for business owners.

    Stay amazing and inspirational and cutting edge 🙂

  42. Yes!!! Awesome news. I have so wanted to use webinarjam, but I just find hangouts too unstable, so I’ve still been using gotowebinar… now I can finally kick it! Legends!

  43. Absolutely amazing value and content, I didn’t see this coming. Excited to start using these features and more. Thank you for providing such a great platform Mike and Andy. I appreciate all that you do for us.

  44. Timing (for me) is GREAT on moving away from Hangouts! I purchased WebinarJam in the first go-around, but the lag-time became too much of an issue for what I was doing. I’ve been looking at alternatives, but with this BIG announcement, I’m back in the fold, and will patiently wait to see what happens in November!!!

    THANKS SO MUCH for doing this!!!!

    • Hi Darren! For now, EW will remain the same, in its awesome working order. Our priority at the moment is to get WebinarJam away from Hangouts and immediately improve the user experience. Having said that, we have some awesome updates in mind for EW in the future, but can;t spill the beans about those just yet 🙂

  45. I very recently purchased WebinarJam and am going through the training videos learning what I need to do to get my first webinar up. So, mixed emotions about the timing as I want to get rolling and not wait for the new WebinarJam just so I don’t have to “re-learn” everything.

    To your credit, I was super impressed (and transformed a major part of my business) with the VideoGenesis training I bought from you and based solely on that, I’m going to suck it up and not bitch.

    Thanks for being transparent about the problems and solutions. I’ll stick with you.

  46. Hi, Few questions and suggestions regarding the new The JamSession Engine:

    1. Will there be a way so show the web cam and the presentation at the same time with the same user? now we have to use 2 users – on with the presentation and another with the web cam – I think that having the option to show them booth at the same time is a good thing to add.

    2. Will the webinar viewers still view the webinars via youtube? or are you planning on a new platform for the webinar viewers as well?

    3. What about webinar recording – will it be automatic or something we have to do manually?

    4. What about admin control on what the webinar viewers see – now the admin choose what the webinar viewers see regardless of what the webinar presenter (if there is more then one) see – so now the admin can choose to show the webinar viewers the web cam while the presenter is seeing the presentation etc – will the new platform will have the ability for the admin to be the “director” of the webinar by selecting what the webinar viewers actually see?

    5. Will there be any limitation on the number of webinar viewers per webinar or number of webinars that we can do?

    6. What about the long lag between the time we say something and the time our webinar viewers actually hear / see that?

    7. Will there be an option for pre webinar presenters talk (without the webinar viewers seeing / hearing this part (no recording etc)?

    I would like to Beta test it!!


  47. Hi Andy and this is great news. I recently lost a large public sector client here in the UK who hated the Google Hangouts lag etc and decided to move from us. Hopefully I can get them back again (or replace them!) with your new Jam Session set-up. Your timing is brilliant as early November we launch our new Change Makers digitak platform. So from your advocate here in the UK, I’m good to go!!

  48. well done, stepping up to solve a massive problem and supporting your customer- rare these days
    achieving control so as not to be dependent on google, clearly a massive undertaking
    very much appreciated and says volumes about the character of the company

  49. Andy, congrats to going “unplugged”! You come across so much more believable and more real, than I’ve ever seen you in any “performance” of yours 🙂

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the new engine – this just comes to timely, as I am about to conquer the world with webinars 🙂

    To your success!

  50. Hey hey! Congrats on the update it looks great. My question is will we be able to stream live webinars and play pre-recorded videos without having the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner? This is the most important feature for us. P.s. I’m already a fan of the software and would love to help you promote this as it rolls out. 🙂

  51. I have a webinar scheduled for about 3 weeks from now. Is there ANY reason to postpone? (I’d rather not, but I would like to hear your opinion…)

    • Hi Sergiu! No reason to postpone at all! Everything is working, but now you need to first configure your email address following the steps we previously sent out.

  52. Hey Guys! These are all incredible questions, so keep them coming! We’re going to answer each and every one with additional video and blog posts, so stay with us while we gather all our information in one place so it’s readily available for everyone!

  53. I’m really excited for this, I didn’t hear everything. I’ve been a member of Webinar Jam for 2 years and only had about 2 webinars but I’m about to make it part of my marketing and am so excited. I just renewed in May? What’s the extra cost going to be to be on the new platform?

  54. Many thanks to you guys on yet more great news. As someone who struggles with tech stuff, the thought that you are bringing everything in-house so that I can kiss Google Hangouts and You Tube goodbye is the sweetest music.

  55. Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much for your video and update. The best news! Wonderful that you won’t depend on Google anymore. This is really a huge milestone. Since we didn’t feel very comfortable with the Hangout we discussed that very often in our company when it will happen and – boom – you did it. Congratulations. We are happy to see jamsession coming soon (just comes in time since we’re rolling out our project and start with live webinars soon). Good luck for the final steps and the roll out. And thanks again for your great support. Nice to be your customer.

    All the best,

    CEO 4Winners Limited – video4winners.com

    P. S.: I’ll ask questions when it’s here because I guess that you get flooded with questions right now :-).

  56. Sweeeeeet!
    Hey Andy, this is the GREATEST news of all time 🙂
    On another note, thanks so much for your help (and Mike’s) on the coaching call we had a few months ago (your advice has been really helpful for increasing my conversions in my webinars)

  57. Great to hear we can record with this new platform. If that is the case, can we have a webinar up at all time for anyone to watch at anytime in the world, or do I have to buy EverWebinar for it? Is it possible that you will be offering a lifetime price for those of us who want to upgrade to EverWebinar?

  58. Great news, Andy! Cannot wait. WebinarJam has been a major tool in developing my online business. It’s reliability and ease of use have been some of my favorite features. Moving away from Hangouts is very exciting. Is the new iteration going to be mobile friendly?

  59. As a long-standing member of the Andy Jenkins Fanclub, I’m glad I hung-in-there and I know the training videos will be easy and informative. Thanks again Andy for another great product! I WILL use WJS now with total confidence.

    • Hi Dave! EverWebinar will work as it always has, not to worry! Stay tuned for more posts with greater details as we get ready to roll out.

  60. Have been living the Google heaven and hell effect for some time so this is super great news!
    Any news about becoming BETA tester? Needless to say, we’d be happy to give it a go.

    Thanks, Johan

  61. I’m so glad I waited before jumping ship to try another platform. Really excited about the upgrade and can’t wait to give it a try. I’m surprised you haven’t posted this on the WJ Facebook page yet.

    • Oooooh, we have! It’s there a couple of times, but has been getting lost in other posts. We have more coming, though, so be on the lookout!

  62. Great news Andy. Tks a lot for this new WJ.

    A feature that will be interesting, at least for me, will be to have like an Agency WJ where we can “Rent” some WJ to our clients, so we configure the WJ and they can perform the WJ sesion without us.

  63. This sounds great and I really appreciate that we’re being rewarded with the upgrades. It always pisses me off when companies give the best stuff to new customers. That seems backwards.

    I’ve always said I loved WJS but hated Hangouts. I’m so happy to hear you’re dumping them.

  64. OMG OMG OMG after another frustrating day with GoogleHangOutToDry this is fabulous news!!! What will our visitors need to do? That’s a big concern, because, no viewers, no webinar, no point. Currently they have to have a gmail account to interact with us, and often an App installed, and even I (quite techy) was challenged with figuring this out.

    • Only the webinar Host will need to log in with their Youtube login email. Anyone joining you as a co-presenter need not have a gmail account anymore, and regular attendees won’t need to a thing except register with any email address and watch.

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