[Update] New Analytics for WebinarJam & EverWebinar

We have several great analytics  updates for you this week and we can’t wait to share them!  If you would rather watch, we have a video at the bottom of the page for you.

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First off, have you been wishing you could see the analytics for all your sessions rather than just
one?  Now you can!  Just go to analytics and from your second drop down, you can choose all sessions.  This update is on both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Some of you have rather large webinars, and scrolling through multiple pages with lists of only 10 people gets pretty tedious… so now you’ll see a list of up to 100 people per page.  This update is on both WebinarJam and EverWebinar


For EverWebinar, you can now filter by a time frame.  It will be the third drop down on your analytics screen.  Select your time frame (like this week as displayed below) and go! 🙂