Service Alert – Google Updates Effect on HOA

Apr 17, 2015

Google Updates Having Effect On Hangouts On Air Shows

In the past week many Hosts have experienced sound and/or video quality issues (ie., a grey screen during a Live Broadcast).

If you Host an HOA Show or are planning on being a Guest on an HOA Show please be sure to do the following:

1) Windows released approx. 15-16 updates a day ago, not updating will affect the quality of your HOA.

2) Google Chrome released an update a day and half ago, if you haven’t updated to the newest version 42.0.2311.90 m you may experience issues in your HOA.  Note: You have to manually update Chrome, it doesn’t automatically update.

3) If you Host a Show ensure your Guests have updated their systems before joining the HOA.  Always a good idea to have a short, private practice HOA with them ahead of time.

4) Jumping In people during a Live Broadcast may affect the quality of the Hangouts On Air, unless you’ve checked the Guests have updated systems prior to the jump in.

5) Ensure you restart your computer (and only open g+ when your system starts back up), whether you’re a Host or a Guest before starting or joining an HOA – this will free up resources your computer will need to live stream the video feed.

6) And as always, ensure you are hard-wired to your router before launching an HOA broadcast.

Good Luck Out There and Look Up!