[Update] Vimeo EverWebinar Sessions Now Possible

Since EverWebinar was introduced we have heard multiple requests to allow Vimeo videos. Plus, Pro, and Business users of Vimeo have shared with us how much they enjoy the security of Vimeo video storage, without the hassles of Amazon S3 Storage.

And now you can use those videos on your EverWebinar session as a custom video or as a replacement for your WebinarJam Replica Replay.   The replacement allows you to keep all the chat, offers, and everything else from your live WebinarJam session, yet keep the video more private than YouTube.  Vimeo will also play without the logo in the corner that makes YouTube so unappealing for your webinar experience.

Below is a video that covers the basics of creating a Vimeo EverWebinar. Be sure to visit our Knowledgebase article Adding Vimeo to EverWebinar for the latest information.