Recently, I came across a Facebook post from Dr. Kevin Polk that made my day. It was such a positive, heart felt message, from someone with whom we can all so easily identify, that I immediately knew I wanted to feature him, his business, and his success. NOT because it’s an overnight success story, where someone became a go-zillionaire with little to no effort. Nope. But because he’s a worker, a person just like all of us that labors to build his online business.

Here’s the post that sent me blasting off into space:

The awesome Facebook post that began our journey getting to know Dr. Kevin Polk and how WebinarJam training and best practices helped grow his business.How cool is that? It was full-on warm fuzzies hearing someone achieved such great results based on the WebinarJam product and training.  My lips went numb, seriously.

Executive Summary

Since 1991, Dr. Polk has been a Trainer for Mental Health Professionals, but reports his business has evolved to training them how to function more as Business Consultants. It was 2005 when he moved online and started searching for a webinar platform. His main goal was to spread his message around the world. The best way to do that was via webinars, so the search for a program began.


Like so many entrepreneurs, Dr. Polk used good, old fashioned trial and error in his search for the right webinar software. Before WebinarJam, he tried, and ultimately rejected, GoToWebinar,, StealthSeminar, Zoom, StartMeeting, and Adobe!


Can you relate?

In addition to finding the “right” software for his business, one of Kevin’s biggest challenges was a low conversion rate (I think we can ALL identify with that, yes?).

He was selling his product, just not via webinars. Translation: He had a great, meaningful, problem solving product to sell, but webinars weren’t doing it.

The big challenge was how to change that.

On the Hunt

During his search, Kevin was looking for a “robust signup process that collected email addresses”, and the ability to “easily control the webinar alone”.

Analytics and Autonomy… Very wise, indeed.

Ultimately, the decision to try WebinarJam (and recently EverWebinar) came down to the affordable price and compelling Video Sales Letters (you know we love our VSLs).

But he stayed because of

  1. the training
  2. it was easy to use, and
  3. the features that eased his “pain” (low conversions)

Featured Features

When I asked, “What features or aspects of WebinarJam helped you achieve success,” I heard a three answer response. The more, the merrier.

First, Kevin pointed out that the Deep Integration with InfusionSoft was one key factor in the positive outcomes he experienced.

The Call to Action during a webinar will skyrocket conversionsSecond, a resounding, “The Call To Action button that shows up at the end of a webinar is Awesome.”

We agree!

That said, the direct link to the dramatic increase in conversions wasn’t a feature. No.

It was the TRAINING! Yes!

Specifically, from the 5 Laws of a Successful Webinar, “The 5 Key Points of a Plot”.  Those plot points can be very simply broken down like this:

1) In the beginning, times were hard…

2) I decided to make a change because…

3) On the road to discovery, I learned these critical things…

4) This is what I did and this is what happened…

5) This is my system and this is how it can work for you…

Great results come from implementing best practice.The Outcome

The Outcomes that Dr. Polk now enjoy include:

More Registrations
More Conversions!
Greater Autonomy
Less Stress

Saying it like that makes it sound “good” enough. But, his results were more profound than that…

Specifically, we’re talking conversion rates of sales per webinar. I write that in bold and italics because it’s important to understand that, typically, we talk Conversions as in attendees that purchase your offer. This is different and being used to illustrate the drastic change in experience.

Since 2005, Kevin has a whopping number of webinars under his belt. 499 in all.

In 499 webinars, he got 1 webinar sale. One. That would be a 0.2% conversion rate of sales per webinar. I can imagine that was frustrating, and defeating, but the good doctor kept at it, and I’m thrilled he did!

Think of it as flipping a switch 499 times, and it never results in light. The wires are there, the light source is there, but they’re just not connecting.

Now, flash forward to 2017, when he purchased WebinarJam, took the time to watch and implement the “5 Laws” training, and ran his very first WebinarJam webinar.

In the next 1 webinar, he had 8 sales. If we keep the math consistent, that’s an 800% conversion rate of sales per webinar. Now, to be fair, saying there was an 800% conversion rate for sales per webinar sounds, well, misleading. But, it’s 100% true. I used this example to really highlight the difference using both the system and the accompanying training can make. That’s a significant Before versus After.

And now you flip the switch ONCE, and the light floods the whole room!

By his own report, Kevin pulled this content together in a frantic implementation of the training. Now, imagine the results that can be achieved with a week long prep. Or weekS with an S. Or, months. I think the evolution of his experience is pretty great  with the little time he had. But just imagine the results now that he can further test more strategies…

If you’re looking for greater conversion success, following webinar best practices is the key.  And, if you own WebinarJam or EverWebinar, you have access to the 5 Key Plot Points video training, too!

It does require a login, so if you are not able to find the information sent when you purchased, contact and they’ll get you squared away.

For those who prefer to read about them, check out the complementary Share Your Story blog post.

Do you have a favorite feature or awesome before and after success story? We’d love to hear all the juicy details! Shoot us a message in the comments and we’ll talk!

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