Whatever language you speak, make sure your content is written clearly, in easy-to-understand sentences.


Sometimes Marketers “No speaka da English”. Go on, admit it. This is a safe zone. We’ve all come across content that sounds good, smart even, but what the flock it means… who knows?

The UK based firm, “Plain English Campaign,” advocates for businesses to communicate with their customers in clear, plain, easy-to-understand English, rather than jargon-filled literary befuddlement.

For example, that last sentence would fail to meet their standards.

“Speak regular English, people!” There, that’s better.

The MET office in the UK was notoriously singled out in 2011 for using the phrase “probabilities of precipitation” instead of “rain is likely.[i]” Other reluctant award-winners include Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Richard Gere (shocker)[ii].

Personally, I quite like being struck by an arbitrary attack of alliteration, but it can’t be denied that communicating to your customers using simple and direct language is a good business practice…

…and an even better MARKETING practice.

Depending on your skill-set, promoting your webinar could be a part of the process that you dread, because you have to create an eye grabbing headline and content that converts. Fortunately, WebinarJam and EverWebinar have awesome registration page templates that you can customize to your heart’s delight, making it a worry-free experience.

So, whether you’re a marketing noob looking for some help creating your webinar registration page, or a seasoned pro looking for some ideas for simple webinar registration page copy, you’ll be pleased to know that our upcoming 12 Secrets for Webinar Best Practice is going to cover this very subject.

Secret #2, near the very beginning of the webinar, is going to reveal how to easily come up with a great headline and what information should (and shouldn’t) be included on your registration page.

Here’s a little preview of what we’re going to talk about…

What is it and why should I care?

If you devote even a little time to study the art of writing great headlines, that’s time well spent. We are offering a simple guide to writing something that is informative, appealing, AND easy to understand.

More specifically…

  •      Write a headline that says WHAT your webinar is about.
  •      Write a 1-2 sentence description that tells your reader WHY it’s important.

Here are a few examples:

REVEALED: Revolutionary Toaster Oven makes your favorite recipes FASTER with virtually ZERO mess

Be the first to see this amazing new kitchen favorite in action and learn 3 new amazing recipes that are super-healthy but that your kids will still adore.

Macroeconomics made simple (everything you need to know in under 60 minutes)

You’ll make smarter investment and career decisions when you understand what changes in national interest rates REALLY mean for you and your family.

John Adams High School – Track Meet Final

If you can’t make the 300-mile round trip to support your local high school in person, you can watch the season-deciding event online, with commentary from Mr. Feeny.

LIVE EVENT: Dance Revolution to unveil their new dance routine

Be one of the first to see Dance Revolution perform their new routine in this world-exclusive online event.

A copy-writing pro might turn their nose up at some of these examples because, apart from the first, the headlines are light on benefits. But, while it’s always good practice to work benefits into your copy – especially if you’re putting on a sales webinar – you can make a lot of headway simply by writing a headline and description that is clear, easy to understand, and that actually communicates WHAT your webinar is and WHY it’s important.

It’s great to learn copy-writing skills (or hire somebody who already has ‘em), but if you’re not confident in your abilities it’s easy to overdo it or, worse, put off the registration page copywriting job for so long you end up throwing something together at the last minute.

This technique greatly streamlines the process AND makes it easy to figure out if what you’ve written is effective. All you have to do is show your headline and description to someone and ask them to tell YOU what your webinar is about and why it’s going to be awesome.

If they don’t know after reading it, you need to revamp and add extra details or simplify the language.

More Do’s and Don’ts

It’s so easy to clutter or over-complicate your webinar registration page. So, in the 12 Secrets for Webinar Best Practice event, we break it down into an easy to digest handful of simple “Do’s” and one VERY IMPORTANT “Don’t”.

The DON’T is so important that if you ignore it, your registration conversions will take a noticeable dip. And the clincher is that it isn’t even remotely obvious. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve done the testing, we’d still be making this crazy mistake.

All of this is covered in Secret #2 of the 12 Secrets of Webinar Best Practice event and it comes early in the webinar, so make sure you get yourself logged in on time so you don’t miss it.

Of course, that assumes that you’ve registered for the event already. If you haven’t yet, you can do so here: https://www.webinarjam.com/host-a-webinar/

Oh, and once you’re on the webinar, make sure you stay to the end to get your collection of free-but-so-awesome-later-on-you’ll-forget-and-think-you-paid-money-for-them gifts[iii].

Seriously, we’re giving away so many freebies on this webinar you’ll think your grandparents are in town.

Our little bundle of goodies includes a fabulous infographic that I just KNOW you’re going to want to print out and stick to your wall. It has all the webinar production tasks neatly laid out in sequence so you’ve no risk of missing out anything important, and you’ll always know what job comes next.

And if you’ve read the other Webinar Secrets articles in this series, you’ll know that this comes on top of…

  •      The full-length PDF of the 12 Webinar Secrets content (basically, it’s the novelization of the movie).
  •      The 12 Webinar Secrets slides (so you can steal our best presentation ideas – it’s fine, you’re free to do so with our blessing).
  •      And the Webinar Marketing Plan summary (an easy-to-follow checklist to planning, preparing, marketing, and delivering your webinar)

Did I mention that the webinar and everything we’re giving away is FREE? I don’t feel like I’ve mentioned it enough.

Guys… it’s all FREE. No strings. No conditions. No bait n’ switches. And no trying to guilt you into buying our stuff later just because we’ve spent a small fortune on putting everything together and you’re getting it gratis. Well… maybe just a little. But you’re tough, you can handle it.

Okay, no more waffle. The 12 Secrets Webinar is happening and it’s happening soon.

Hope to see you there…

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[i] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16100112

[ii] http://www.plainenglish.co.uk/

[iii] Why do we call them “free gifts?” What other kind of gift is there?

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