Listen. To. Her: An Introduction to Foxy Loxy’s 7 Ways to Boost Your Affiliate ROI

An Introduction to Foxy Loxy’s 7 Ways to Boost Your Affiliate ROI

The social phenomena of sites like Pinterest and Facebook have driven the concept of quotable quotes into a sustained, hyper popular Trend (yes, capital T). That Trend bulldozes right over “passing fancy” into full blown Industry. Yup. Entire businesses are based on quotable quotes. It’s a cash cow built on painted reclaimed wood, needlepoint pillows, digital downloadable prints, soldered together scrap metal, and plastic decals for onesies or walls. They are everywhere. I admit, I jumped on that wagon right along with every other living breathing human and came across this gem today while looking for some soulful nuggets about listening:

“Listening has the quality of the wizard’s alchemy. It has the power to melt armor and to produce beauty in the midst of hatred.” Brian Muldoon

That made me start thinking about who I listen to. I’m lucky. I come from a family of crazy geniuses with giant heads, literally, not figuratively. Plus, I have amazingly wise friends to turn to. BUT, I also have the insane luck of working with the motliest, most colorful collection of super nerds on the planet. They are smart, funny, lovable and amaze me every day. I am no fool. I listen to them. All of them. In fact, Genesis Digital has made it policy to put the smartest people we know in positions of authority so that everyone else has to listen, too. That is why our Director of Marketing is none other than Wonder-ful Woman, Donna Fox. Listening to her makes you smarter. Here’s your chance to get smarter and, best of all, learn something that makes your business smarter. Listen. To. Her. That’s important enough to silkscreen on a t-shirt or paint on some salvaged barn wood. Better yet, tattoo it. Listen. To. Her.

7 Ways Automation Boosts your Affiliate ROI.

This woman is published in Feedfront, ya’ll!

Take this opportunity to Listen> Implement> Change> Grow.

Check it out here:

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