Huge Audiences, Sky High Value, and Rock Bottom Prices: The New WebinarJam

San Diego, CA, August 17, 2017 – Seven months in the making, Genesis Digital’s new version of WebinarJam, launched this week, gives new meaning to the terms value and affordability, combining an expansive feature set with one of the industry’s lowest price points.

Sporting upgraded API integrations and sleek new features, customers old and new are sure to be amazed at the new WebinarJam’s paradigm smashing capabilities and its reimagined user interface, particularly given its unmatched affordability.

Greater Value in More Pricing Options

Globally recognized as one of the most technologically advanced webinar solutions, the new WebinarJam boasts an annual fee that, in many cases, is LESS than what others charge per MONTH.

Genesis Digital’s reputation for customer-centric pricing and generous bonus delivery has thrust the industry bar higher yet again with a fresh new value proposition for this third iteration of WebinarJam. Now featuring tiered pricing, customers have a tailor-made solution that can grow with their businesses.

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