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We got a new studio, ya’ll! Special shout out to Sassy Dazzle, our most awesome documentary filmmaker, for getting our new digs up and running and ready for the next Genesis Labs shoot. It’s pretty sleek!

Studio side view

Getting to this place, this space has taken some doing, for real. It has not been without pain, not at all. We have combined decades worth of experience under our belts. We’ve been through a number of studios and hands full of hardware. We have trialed, tested, and tossed more locations, products, software, platforms, and equipment than you can imagine. We have been through it. We also know not everyone aspires to this. And that’s totally ok. You don’t need a professional film crew or feature quality rigs to run a valuable, profitable business. You don’t.

HOWEVER, you DO need resources and services you can rely on. The giant, honking chunk of time it can take to land on tools that fit that bill can be, well, both giant and honking. There is no need for that shizz. Not when you have us.

Sooooo, let’s put our punditry to use and spare you the PAIN and, more importantly, save you some TIME by handing over our list of tried and trusted tools! Yes! Go ahead and dance around a bit. It’s good cardio.

You see, we don’t believe it’s necessary to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to. Save that brain power for your offer and funnel creation. Use that juice to supercharge your content, liven up your brand promotions. There are better ways to figure out how to make your business more robust that fretting over what programs to use for your slide presentations. We got you!

Before I go on, I want to mention this… I’m conspicuously not including two very important tools in this list on purpose (although we do mention them in the FREE BONUS VIDEO).

  1. Autoresponders
  2. Shopping carts

You see, we use Kartra. Yesssss.

Kartra is coming!

It’s in Alpha, which means it’s not quite ready for the public, but we are using it for just about everything. Autoresponder, shopping cart, video hosting, tracking, you name it. It’s doin it. So, you may want to keep that in mind down the road a bit.

Now, here goes…. In no particular order… It’s not even alphabetized…. This is what we use everyday for our business! Take it and make it work for yours too!

Software, Tools, Equipment we use



  • The Canon XF305.
  • The Canon 60D
  • The Logitech C920  (This is also the camera used by most of our customers)
  • GoPro5


  • Audio Technica 2020+.
  • Sennheiser USB headset
  • Blue Yeti Pro
  • Rode Microphone support stand
  • Nady Mic Pop Screen


  • Logitech Z-906
  • Tannoy Reveal 502-802

Software/Content Delivery:



  • Gliffy
  • Google Draw
  • Smart Draw


  • DaFont
  • Google Fonts
  • MindJet Mind Manager
  • PowToon
  • Video Scribe by Sparkol


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Red Giant Looks


  • Adobe Audition
  • New Blu Audio FX
  • Izotope ANR


  • Awesome Screenshot
  • Jing
  • Snag It
  • Skitch by Evernote
  • Screenflow
  • Camtasia

Production Support and Accessories

  • Cowboy Studio Lights
  • DropBox for Video File Sharing
  • Sharp Smartboard (Boss Vision)
  • Mac Mini
  • Bootcamp with Windows
  • Synology NAS


  • Audio – Audio Jungle
  • Video –
  • Video Co-pilot
  • 3D Ocean
  • Graphics – Graphics River
  • iStockPhoto
  • Fotolia
  • PhotoDune

Company/Customer Communication

  • Kartra – Customer
  • Skype – Company
  • Google Drive – Company
  • Evernote – Company

**Teamwork – “To-Do” Manager (**We’re not using Trello anymore. Nothing wrong with it, we just found something better suited to our needs)

Download a PDF of The Genesis Digital Company Tool Kit 

There you have it! But now, for the bonus cake topper, I present to you, your FREE Genesis Labs Episode 17, Part 5 Video (Ruckus applause and shouting)!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the show!

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