There is ONE reason that will make a customer pay more for your product than another of equal value.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa Now!

Please don’t just jump to the bottom of the article to find out the #1 feature that convinces every customer to pay more.

I put a good amount of time and effort into writing this, so I’d really love for you to take more than a cursory glance!

What’s that? You don’t CARE?

Okay, okay… how about this?

I’ll tell you the #1 feature that convinces every customer to pay more, RIGHT NOW, right at the top of this article, if you’ll agree to then read the rest of the content that I spent HOURS (well, an hour and a half, give or take) carefully crafting.

What’s in it for you?

Well, if you keep reading, I’ll also reveal the best way to implement said feature for maximum effect.

Deal? Great!

Okay, here it is…

The #1 feature that convinces every customer to pay more is…


The more demands that modern living places on our time, the more we are attracted to opportunities that promise to save us time and hassle.

Further evidence of this reality can be found in just about every corner of the Internet.

Amazon’s success may boil down to lower prices and ways to cut delivery costs, but they are equally attractive because you can order virtually anything with just one click. When they started offering the Subscribe and Save option, putting your shopping on autopilot? Holy Moly… Genius.

Netflix has some great programming, but their real power is keeping their platform free of adverts and granting you access to their entire library from smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and smart TVs. Meaning, you’re never more than 30 seconds away from watching the next episode of Stranger Things.

Or, how about universal registration where you get to login to a brand-new website using your existing Google or Facebook username and password? Sure, you know that technically this isn’t QUITE as secure as setting up a new log-in exclusively for this new website, but how can anyone resist the opportunity to save 30 seconds and the headache of having to remember yet another password?

Does this translate into people being willing to pay MORE to save some time and effort?


In case you hadn’t noticed, that is the premise of this article (that I spent hundreds of minutes writing for your pleasure and profit).

Have you ever paid $5 to have your concert tickets delivered to your home rather than have to arrive early and pick them up from the box office?

You’re paying for convenience.

Have you ever paid a surcharge for buying something with your credit card, because you can’t be bothered to find a cash machine and draw some money out?

You’re paying for convenience.

Have you ever paid $10 to have your car washed when you could do it yourself for free?

You’re paying for convenience.

So far, so obvious, right? If you can create a “done for you” version of your product, or add an upsell to your service that will deliver it faster, a good portion of your customers will happily pay for the privilege.

But there’s a handy flip-side to this phenomenon.

If customers are willing to pay CASH for convenience, this means that prospects are willing to pay their TIME for convenience.

What does that mean? Let’s use webinars as an example…

Webinars are great for turning prospects into customers, but there is something of a challenge in getting people to register and turn up for your live event.

When you offer someone a valuable freebie in exchange for their email address, that’s a low-risk exchange for your prospect. If pitched correctly, you can expect conversions to be high.

But webinars require a greater investment of time and energy from your prospects. All they get, initially, in exchange for their email address is confirmation that a virtual seat has been reserved for your webinar.

Your prospect then has to commit to keeping a slot in their calendar free so they can be available when your webinar takes place.

They then have to remember to login at the prearranged time and be prepared to give you their full attention for the duration of your presentation.

None of those hurdles are insurmountable. But they are hurdles.

This is where convenience is your friend. The more ways that you engineer convenience into your strategy, the better the response you’ll see from your prospects. Put simply, the more convenience you offer them, the more of their time they’ll give you in return.

This means increased registrations and a greater percentage of registrants showing up to your webinar.

Convenience is the way to a consumer’s heart.

Here are just a few ways to insert convenience into your process that will improve your results.

 1. Streamline your registration page
Don’t pack too much info into your registration page; a headline and a few bullets are sufficient. Equally, don’t add too many fields to your registration form. Email and Name are usually plenty, or even just Email.

2. Don’t hide information
Don’t make your prospect hunt for critical information. Your registration page should be clear that the event is a webinar, what the webinar is about, who is featured in it, and the date and time (including time zone) it takes place.

3. Always have a “Thank You” page
In addition to using your “Thank you for registering” page to generate excitement for your webinar, include useful shortcuts such as a link to add your event to their calendar, and any downloadable PDFs they may need to help them get the most out of your presentation.

4. Don’t use outdated webinar software
Simple test. Do your attendees have to download software to attend your webinar? If not, are they limited to specific browsers or devices? If the answer to either questions is “yes”, the webinar host you’re using is behind the times and you’re asking your registrants to jump through inconvenient hoops. WebinarJam webinars, for example, can be viewed in virtually any browser and on virtually any internet-enabled device, without requiring your attendees to download anything.

5. Stream to other platforms
This may not be appropriate for every webinar type, but if maximizing your attendance figures is key, try streaming your event to YouTube Live or Facebook Live. You’ll need to check that your webinar host can handle this (WebinarJam can, of course).


So… the #1 feature that convinces every customer to spend more money is…


Did you skim straight to the bottom of the article to find out the answer without having to read the whole thing?

Well, that’s too bad, because the answer is right at the beginning of the article. Mwa ha ha!

You’ll just have to scroll back up and read it 🙂


It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that WebinarJam is loaded with features that make your events more convenient for YOUR attendees. Everything that WebinarJam is designed to accomplish has been created with a specific purpose. Either to increase your audience size, increase your profits, or a combination of the two.

And why not?

If I’m going to spend time writing an article that gives you great tips on how to use convenience to improve conversions and profits, it’s only fair that I get to remind you how splendid WebinarJam is.

Did I already mention that it’s also one of the most affordable webinar solutions on the planet?


Well, now I have!

If you want to know more about WebinarJam, just watch the video below.

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