Facebook Group Rules

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ!! These Are The Rules And Guidelines For The Webinarjam Facebook Group. You Are Bound By These Rules And Guidelines. Violations Are Cause For Immediate Removal From The Group Without Notice, Warning Or Appeal.

The WebinarJam Facebook group is the exclusive community for purchasers of WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Administration includes (but is not limited to) Andy Jenkins, Donna Fox, MJ Schrader, Jennifer Barraza, and Dave Honick.

Our Constitution:
We the people of WebinarJam/EverWebinar, in order to form a more perfect membership, establish justice, and ensure community tranquility, do establish this constitution.
While it is a right of all WebinarJam and EverWebinar members to access training and information in the member’s area located at:
http://webinar.marketinggenesis.com and in the member’s area located at http://webinarjam.com/members/
It is a privilege to participate in this discussion group. As such your membership to this community can be revoked at any time, at the discretion of the official WebinarJam staff. To avoid such drastic measures, all members agree to the following rules and responsibilities.

Section One: Be Nice
All bosses are created equal, and should be treated with respect and consideration. There is a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, trashing other people or programs, mean people and general un-coolness.

Section Two: Be Social
Bosses are encouraged to post content of interest, share what their activities and results are as a result of the trainings, and ask questions and engage in discussion. Please post your new videos and tell us what you learned from your hands on experience and the results you’re seeing.

Section Three: Be Relevant
This is a peer-to-peer forum to discuss all things webinars, WebinarJam and EverWebinar related. This includes marketing discussions and clarifications on the content. For the fastest response, please send all support questions to our support desk. The geeks that know how to reset your password are chained to a desk and not allowed to get on Facebook so they won’t see your cries for help there.
This is not the forum for a motivational quote of the day or pictures of your cat. Videos of your cat chasing the cursor around on your monitor, however, if produced using WebinarJam, are both hilarious and welcome.

Section Four: Be Cool
While websites and promotional content are inevitable when you showcase the webinars you have been creating, please make sure your post does not contain any clickable links, areas or annotations. There must be no links, buttons or opt-in forms on the page you’re referring to. If you’re asking about a registration page, a screenshot of the page with no URL or clickable link showing is preferred to a link to your page.

Absolutely no advertising, promotions or affiliate links will be tolerated within posts or comments. This includes requests to review your sales letter or website, webinar or JV announcements, and general questions designed to lead people to your website. All links included in posts and comments will be carefully scrutinized.

Violators of these rules will be tarred and feathered. Or just banned from the group without recourse, whichever is easier.