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Building a business is all about having the right tools.  These days, it’s all about your internet presence: Webinars to promote your brand, funnels to secure your customer base, e-mail campaigns to keep your fan-base notified, automations and integrations so you don’t have to micromanage your enterprise 24/7.  Genesis Digital gives you those tools.


The power of Live Events -- easy and affordable

WebinarJam offers a full-featured, affordable  webinar broadcasting solution with a robust feature set perfect for product promotions and building brand awareness:

  • High Definition Full-Motion Video capture and transmission
  • Split-screen Presenter Room — up to six!
  • Attendee Spotlight
  • Feedback Flow
  • Hybrid Webinars with Video On-Demand Playback
  • Clickable Calls To Action
  • Attendee Chat, Questions, Analytics, and Administration
  • Webinar Attendee Registration
  • Automated / manual deployment of “Webinar Replays” &  landing page generation.
  • No client or end-user download required to execute a webinar

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Evergreen automation of event-based marketing.

Re-broadcast your Webinar whenever and as often as you like! The experience will be the same for the attendee as in a live Webinar, plus it integrates perfectly with WebinarJam Studio – a perfect one-two punch!

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Libertas a calumnia in Iunctus Commerce
("Freedom from Oppression through Connected Commerce")

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All-in-one, Cradle to Grave, eCommerce

Kartra represents a “Cradle to Grave” eCommerce engagement. For the first time, all of a product-seller’s eCommerce tools are in a single dashboard – a one-stop shop for an online business with no other additional services required of the user in order to conduct their business.

Karta Page Publishing

Kartra lets you build your funnels with one of the most sophisticated drag-and-drop page-building tools on the market.  And if you’re a novice, we’ve got dozens of templates for you to play with!

Kartra campaign sequencing

Automate your e-mail campaigns, direct flow to your pages, schedule videos like a ninja; Kartra offers the most robust marketing campaign creator you’ve ever seen.

Kartra CRM and affiliates

Manage your contacts like a boss.  Maximize the return from and for your affiliates.  Kartra makes handling your business partners a snap!



Leverage the popularity of the Online Sequential Product Launch!

EverLaunch streamlines the Product Launch Process in a single app offering:

  • Product Launch Landing Pages
  • Email Opt-In Forms
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Content
  • Video Sales Letter Hosting
  • Behaviorally Responsive (“If/Then/Else”) email follow up communication facilitating Live and “On the Fly” launches even for users with little or no technological expertise.

Additionally, EverLaunch enables hands-off automation of evergreen Product Launches, exposing new prospects to a full-throated pre-planned Sequential Product Launch Experience with no administrative intervention.