Genesis Digital Doubles Down on Next-Generation Customer Support

In a move emblematic of the company’s laser focus on online excellence, Genesis Digital has replaced its old phone-support system with a smart, customer-centric support site experience. This experience focuses on capturing customer data for tickets and live-chat to provide faster, more accurate answers than a blind-call phone experience.

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“Two is One, and One is None”

Why Genesis Digital Hired Two Vendors to Make the Sequel to WebinarJam Studio

Genesis Digital hit the market with a bang in 2013 with the release of the hit broadcast software, WebinarJam. In 2015, they followed up this success with the much-improved WebinarJam Studio (WJS). WJS, based on proven Google technology, has been a runaway success — recently bringing their 30,000th subscriber on board.

But what about the customers who want to choose their own Content Delivery Network (CDN)? The folks who don’t want YouTube or Google branding on their broadcasts? The people who want near-realtime performance? High Def quality?

Yes, it’s time for a new, improved WebinarJam.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Genesis Digital has a top-notch in-house development team. But for an ambitious project like this, and because they want it available as soon as possible, they decided to find the best WebRTC shop to create our new broadcast solution. Two of them, actually.

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SaaS Powerhouse Genesis Digital Makes Customers Priority #1 With High-profile Hire

With subscriptions now numbering over 30,000, the makers of WebinarJam have doubled-down on their commitment to their customers with their newest acquisition: Samuel Cooper, recently Game Support Manager for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit game, Hearthstone, has been brought on to lead Genesis Digital’s customer support division.

Samuel Cooper
Sam Cooper – Genesis Digital Director Customer Success (PRNewsFoto/Genesis Digital)

The world is turning increasingly to online Software as a Service platforms to do their business.  It’s no longer enough for the application to work or even for it to be innovative.  Users have to be empowered to use the applications innovatively.

SaaS is more than making a good product.  It’s ensuring that customers can achieve great things with that product,” CEO Andy Jenkins explained.

An eight-year veteran of Blizzard, Cooper brings expertise and a skill set from the gaming industry, the pioneers of customer empowerment.  His hiring shifts the paradigm from traditional customer support to fostering customer empowerment and success.  This means a greater emphasis on in-product assistance, capturing critical customer-use telemetry to rapidly modify an application according to customer activity, as well as offering a broad line of concierge services to give customers a helping hand.

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Genesis Digital’s Killer App WebinarJam Studio Gets Even Better, Stays on the Bleeding Edge of Fast Responsive Webinars

Not content to rest on their 30,000 subscriber laurels, Genesis Digital LLC, makers of the SaaS dynamo WebinarJam, have pushed the envelope yet again on their World Class webinar solution, slashing the streaming delay from Presenter to Audience by a full 66%.

“When Google announced they’d be discontinuing the Hangouts on Air platform on September 12th, we were already prepared with a completely seamless cutover to YouTube Live we’d had idling for such a contingency,” COO Gideon Marcus explained. “With that work already done, we figured ‘Hey, this is kismet! The rest of the industry is scrambling to prepare, we’re already ready. Let’s use this transition to optimize our streaming and video injection.'”

The team at Genesis Digital has long prided themselves on the video injection feature of WebinarJam as a major differentiator missing in competitor Citrix’s older GoToWebinar software.

WebinarJam users enjoy the ability to switch seamlessly between a live sharing of their webcam, desktop, or presentation slides and a pre-recorded polished video that streams beautifully to each attendee.

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WebinarJam Reaches 30,000 Webinar Users

It was all celebrations at Genesis Digital’s (virtual) headquarters last month– we hit a major milestone- 30,000 WebinarJam users!
“We are excited and energized by crossing this important milestone and having the privilege to serve so many businesses in their quest to engage their audiences,” says Genesis Digital CEO Andy Jenkins. “We are looking forward to building on the rapid growth of WebinarJam, and the sister product EverWebinar. Over the next quarter, we have many exciting developments, including some new product releases.”

Jenkins explains that WebinarJam’s success comes from the company’s willingness to adapt its products to meet the needs of customers. Chief Technical Officer Hector Yague agrees: “It’s remarkable how you often start with a clear vision for your product, and bring that vision to market. Then, your customers start using it and suggesting improvements and enhancements that are beyond your original concept. We owe a huge part of WebinarJam’s success to the feedback and input from the first 29,999 users!”

At the fundamental level, WebinarJam is a marketing skin for Google’s Hangouts technology. The software takes Google’s basic video conferencing system and uses it as the backbone for a full online event service that can scale to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers. The software adds the collection of leads, targeted follow-up communications, and engagement features like chats, polls and surveys to the Hangouts experience.
“Still,” Yague explains, “there’s room to grow.”

In fact, the company is preparing to reach a service tipping point. “Until now, we’ve captured a strong share of the online broadcasting service market, but we’re just getting started,” adds Jenkins.
This fall, the company plans to release an additional service that operates without the Google Hangouts integration. Jenkins spells out the reasoning for this modification: “While our partnership with Google allowed us to deliver a low cost broadcasting option to our users, there’s a need in the market for a service with a little more polish than the Hangouts integration provides.”

Exit surveys show that reliance on Google Hangouts is the primary reason some people who are exposed to the WebinarJam platform don’t fully jump on board. “When we release our proprietary broadcasting service, we’ll be reaching out to the market again to let them know their requests have been addressed,” Jenkins mused. “I have a feeling we’ll be hitting our 100,000th customer milestone very, very soon.”

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